I left LAMDA after 3 years training in 2004 and have been an actor ever since.  I clearly remember how hard it was to choose the right photographer, assuming the more money I spent the better the shot.  

This, of course, was not the case.

With some great advice I chose my photographer based on their work.  My gut reaction to their style and how much life seemed to be in their shots.  I remember it as a very positive experience.  I was given as much time as it took to relax and get the shots we needed.

Several years later I turned a life-long hobby into a profession to support my acting career.  I took my own experience, as well as the negative experience some of my year went through having their headshots done, and tried to come up with the ideal shoot.  Tailored for actors, by an actor. 

A great headshot, to me, is a moment in time where something is about to happen. It's an active thing. A sense of potential in a situation or subject. That moment when someone has just spoken, or is about to speak. We all recognise it when we see it. A great headshot is both truthful and engaging, thoughtful but not introverted. It's you on a good day, a great day even!

But it's you.

Creating this, of course, takes time. And that's exactly what I provide in a session. The time to play and explore every possible angle, to find just the right shot for you.