A great headshot, for me, is a moment in time where something is about to happen. It's an active thing.

A sense of potential in a situation or subject. That moment when someone has just spoken, or is about to speak. We all recognise it when we see it. A great headshot is both truthful and engaging, thoughtful but not introverted. It's you on a good day, a great day even!

But it's you.

We work together to create a gallery of shots that show the many facets of your casting. We talk, we shoot, we play, we drink tea.  No rush.  No deadline.  That's my promise.

Take a look at my work.  Hopefully what you see are real people.  With personality, integrity and a soul.  I believe that this lies at the very heart of both a good actor, and a great headshot.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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