£220 Includes 4 retouched digital images. (Extra retouched images £15 each.)

(Drama Students £175)

Having your headshots taken can be a stressful experience, and the last thing you need is to feel like you have to rush because you only have an hour to get it right. That's why I generally only shoot one client per day. Giving us all the time we need to relax, focus and create the right shot for you.

A typical session will be at least two to three hours. More if we need it. And breaks down like this:

Coffee. Or whatever you like to drink, and a good chat about what type of shots you've had in the past. What you like/dislike about photos of yourself. What your casting is and what range of shots you or your agent would like you to have.

Choice of clothes. Its so important to have the time to try different looks etc. Finding the right look on camera and making sure you're happy with it.

Lighting. I really like to take the time to get the lighting right. There is nothing worse than having a batch of shots where you look perfect, but the light is too bright/dark or simply too boring.

The shoot. Once we're ready, we shoot for around 1 1/2 hours, reviewing shots every 30 min or so. This way we get to see the progress and direct each other towards the best result. We keep going till we're both happy.

Selection. Over another coffee we review everything and narrow down the shots to your favourite 50 or so. You tell me what re-touching (if any) you'd like done. I then place those images in your own online folder so that by the time you leave the studio your agent/friends can view them and start to help you finalise your primary shots.

Once you've chosen your final 4, I will make any adjustments/retouches to the images so you can download the full resolution file to get your prints made, or upload direct to Spotlight.